My name is Anna Intini, I’m an interior designer.
On this website you’ll find some information about myself, my services and my portfolio with selected projects. Some of them were conceived during my studies, during my time at an architecture and interior architecture office while others were designed with my own interior design business.


I was born on the 2nd of march, 1988 in Luxembourg and studied in Trier, Germany and London, United Kingdom. After my first professional experience at “n-lab architects” / “sabotage interior concepts” in Luxembourg I moved to Amsterdam where I worked for Dutch Interior. Since november 2014 I’ve been working as a freelancer. Jólan van der Wiel was one of my clients and I was planning and designing exhibitions with him. Back in Luxembourg, I challenged myself as a real estate agent for 3 and a half years and restarted as a freelancer here. I started my own interior design business “anna intini interiors”. As I felt that the combination of real estate and interior design was evolving, I decided to add this activity to my company.

Having accepted this new challenge I am now focused on growing my new business “anna intini homes”, which offers Interior Design, Home Staging and Real Estate Services.

My philosophy:

Interiors are the reflection of your soul, of who you really are. Home is where you feel the most comfortable, where you can be yourself. It is the place where you can take a break and find peace. As an interior designer I will recognize your needs, ensure your dreams come true and create your individual interior, your home.


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